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Management Services

Home of the xTEN Club



The most successful, remarkable, business owners work with the right people. Having strategic mentoring is a significant success factor for the best.


Entertaining topical business speaking focussing on collaboration, business design, unlocking sustainable profits and avoiding costly mistakes.

Events and Membership

Events from networking lunches, walks, mastermind sessions and exclusive private dinners. The xTEN Club is an exclusive membership option.

Risk Management

Great businesses manage the challenging, the unexpected so that they remain strong, whatever happens. That’s not just being capable when reactive, but also having great foresight and world class planning.

Business Analysis

Business commentary and analysis from Abelard’s founder William Buist.

Read William’s blog here.

Shared Outcomes

Working closely with you to create opportunities for referrals, collaborative working, and collective success.

The aim is always to magnify and amplify the impact that you and your business has in the world.

About William Buist

I formed Abelard Management Services, a consultancy focusing on supporting established owner led businesses and the xTEN Club, a network of supportive business leaders. Both have at their heart a simple idea, that with the right support from a collaborative team you will amplify and magnify the impact you have on the world.

That’s why I have developed and refined the Journey to Collaboration… – a process that defines how business collaboration develops so that we can make positive change. Allied to the Business Clarity Model which provides an oversight of the business, the approaches it is taking and allows owners and business leaders to do business on purpose and in focus, magnifying and amplifying their impact.

I love the British countryside and walk and photograph regularly for relaxation and I am fascinated by the workings of our society in this time of rapid change. If you follow me on social media you will find out more!

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