We all know the importance of reaching the right people with our message. We want to engage in conversation with Business that are starting to engage in social media and other channels but worry about not having a clear plan or purpose.

ATLAS is the new programme from Abelard – we’ll help you to make sense of it all and chart a collaborative approach that is right for your business, right for your industry and right for your budget.

As a result of the ATLAS programme you will have:

  • Defined the Audience you want to reach
  • Understood the right Timing to get maximum benefit from your messages
  • Identified where to have conversations, the right Locations to reach your audience
  • An Action plan to get started and tactics for using social media platforms
  • Strategic objectives for your approach that fits with your marketing and business strategies

Our initial consultation with you will help you to define your business model and then develop, adapt and implement it to take account of the ATLAS analysis. We don't just help you to understand where you are though, we'll bring you clarity to enable you to define clear goals and can continue to monitor and adapt your strategies with you to ensure that you continue to get exceptional results in a rapidly changing world.

An initial ATLAS consultation costs just £1,000 plus VAT - Click here to order your analysis today >

If you would like more information please complete the form below and one of our key strategists will be in touch for an initial, no obligation, conversation.

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