Client Stories

Christopher HeadIrenicon

William is a clear thinker and a challenging business coach. He helped us express accurately the value in our proposition, and then reshape our proposition to make it even more valuable – –awesome stuff.

William’s useful approach has attracted a diverse group to his xTEN boardroom. With his guidance, the insights from remarkable people and businesses are brought to bear for the benefit of each participant. If you want to put a rocket under your business, I’d thoroughly recommend xTEN as part of your strategy. Harness the power of a group of varied viewpoints to your business growth, big-board thinking for the small business.

Rebecca JonesThe Red Shoe Business Woman

I have know William for several years and he has become one of my trusted advisor's. I would have no hesitation in recommending him to any business owner in need of support. He has demonstrated time and time again his willingness to go the extra mile and support others in their goals. A true gentleman of the business world.

Lovelda SmithFounder, Collaboration CLub

I had the pleasure of watching William Buist present in the final of the Corporate Challenge. William's speech was well constructed and delivered on content. His delivery style is professional, confident and articulate

Stephen Harvard DavisVidshorts

There is always a problem in finding business groups that are truly beneficial to a business. Many focus on one aspect such as networking, others don’t contain enough gravitas and expertise to create a real learning environment, too many have members only prepared to suck out as much as they can from everyone else and some are even run for the benefit of the leaders rather than the members.

So after many years of looking I’ve found xTEN Club and was delighted to be invited to join which, by the way, is the only way to be admitted. From the first meeting I knew xTEN was different and very special. It’s engaging, challenging and above all fun and I can clearly see into the future where this group and the package that it brings can only benefit all my businesses enormously.

Corinne StuartThe 450 Club

I found attending the Abelard Retreat incredibly valuable. Certainly you delivered clarity on a number of levels. It was very interesting to see the unconscious words and phrases we all used.

I think the Boardroom session was brilliant. It was also good to sometimes be surprised by what motivated each of us. The entrepreneur scans were fascinating. Self knowledge must only help each of us to become more successful. For me, it was good to see what I do know as well as have insight into what I do not. Both I feel are equally valuable.

Also good to have some confirmation of things I know have to be done and the relief of letting go of some of those that I don’t enjoy and placing them in the hands of managers/sales people who do.

Chris BoseInpress PR

Our business has been developing specialist tools and services for technical companies using new technologies. By applying the principles of the CSI Mentoring methodology we were able to quickly identify new target markets and opportunities that we would have otherwise missed.

We are opening new doors to opportunity every day and we’ve taken, as a result of the clarity that we have, a decision to set up a new company specifically to target this new market. Without the clarity and strategy that we now have I think we would still be toying with ideas rather than implementing and gaining real business. 

Kelly MolsonRubber Cheese Design Agency

Having the opportunity to focus solely on your own business is something that most business owners never have time to do. The boardroom sessions were in-depth and at times we were taken out of our comfort zone, but what a difference that made! We have truly bonded as a group and as a result many of us are working together on projects or as part of each others businesses.

The effects of attending the Abelard Retreat have been amazing to the business. We finally have clarity on what it is that makes us different and who exactly we deliver the most value to as a company. We’ve successfully gained a number of new clients because of this.

I could not recommend this enough!
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