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Swipely shares your social shopping choices.

Swipely is a social sharing and conversation site aimed at turning purchases into conversations. There’s more information here – – Follow its founder Angus Davis on Twitter here > The idea here is that you share what you are shopping and each ‘swipe’ of your credit card tells your followers what you just bought. Your friends can then […]

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Don’t talk across me – The convention of Social Conversation

When questions about the validity of the Iranian Election voting hit the Twitter universe, people both inside Iran and around the world used keywords to enable the conversations and the information to be easily found on Twitter.  It was a massive conversation with hundreds of thousands – even millions talking part. Habitat, a UK retailer […]

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Six lessons of Twitter

The strengths and weaknesses of Twitter. This morning, the New York Times, an American broadsheet newspaper, published an article called Twitter on the Barricades in Iran: Six Lessons Learned. The six lessons were: Twitter Is a Tool and Thus Difficult to Censor Tweets Are Generally Banal, but Watch Out Buyer Beware Watch Your Back Twitter […]

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Customer Service – Implications of the Societal Web

Consumers are online and active Societal web sites like Twitter, Facebook and MySpace attracting large volumes of people commenting and interacting regularly across all of those platforms.  Consumers have become extremely vocal in their on-line activity and the larger brands are only beginning to wake up to both the possibilities from a marketing point of […]

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Searching in the Societal Web

How search is changing Searching on the Societal Web is becoming more sophisticated over time.  The initial search engine developments through companies such as Google and Yahoo focused on providing a swift route to finding pre-existing content. In Web 1.0 most sites were relatively static and were informational, in that they were intended to be […]

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Social Media – Disaggregation

Social Media, particularly social networks allowed us to take our relationships on line and extend our reach. The technology allowed us to outsource our memory in the sense that conversations were recorded and could be revisited at any time, reconsidered and restarted, sometimes months or years after the last contact. That all worked fine when […]

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