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How to learn more from your powerful stories.

When we tell our story were actually telling two things. We telling the story of what happened and we’re telling the story of how it happened to us. For listeners, who know us, the result is that their response it Is coloured by the context of their knowledge of us, as a person as well as their knowledge of similar experiences. In my experience this is a far more limiting context and situation than is generally recognised.

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The changing face of Social Media

In the last two weeks or so a number of articles have appeared about the change in focus at Google towards its social platform – Google Plus. Google itself denies rumours that it’s planning to shut it down, but there’s little doubt about the focus shifting. It’s not the only thing that is changing, today […]

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The problem with Tesco’s

Around four weeks ago Tesco’s, one of the UK’s troubled retailers appointed Dave Lewis, ex Head of Unilever UK to run their operation. In his role with Unilever, he sought to simplify the product base and cut costs to halt a similar decline. In his early tenure he picked up the nickname ‘Drastic Dave’ for this approach. So, what has Dave Lewis has actually achieved in the four weeks since he took the top job? After one week he spoke openly about the need for change, On week 3 of his tenure, he uncovered the accounting inflation of results. Tough start – Where next?

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