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The changing face of Social Media

In the last two weeks or so a number of articles have appeared about the change in focus at Google towards its social platform – Google Plus. Google itself denies rumours that it’s planning to shut it down, but there’s little doubt about the focus shifting. It’s not the only thing that is changing, today […]

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Swipely shares your social shopping choices.

Swipely is a social sharing and conversation site aimed at turning purchases into conversations. There’s more information here – – Follow its founder Angus Davis on Twitter here > The idea here is that you share what you are shopping and each ‘swipe’ of your credit card tells your followers what you just bought. Your friends can then […]

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Building Community in the Societal Web

Introduction There’s a lot of talk on many social media platforms and throughout the Societal Web on the importance of building community. We thought it would be useful to discuss how it’s created and the key features that make up a strong and vibrant collaborative group. One example of small local communities are those created […]

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