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The changing face of Social Media

In the last two weeks or so a number of articles have appeared about the change in focus at Google towards its social platform – Google Plus. Google itself denies rumours that it’s planning to shut it down, but there’s little doubt about the focus shifting. It’s not the only thing that is changing, today […]

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Universal Translator

Universal Translation Synopsis This article looks at technical developments in translation, but not the technical detail, and how that will change collaboration and collaborative opportunities for the world. This change will be seismic and will change the very nature and activity of humanity in many ways. Introduction The principle of Universal Translation is an enduring […]

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Digital Social Exclusion

Introduction Recently the Office of Telecommunications concluded a review on broadband availability and speed, resulting in a number of changes being recommended to the way that broadband is advertised.  Underneath the basis of that review was also a review of the availability of broadband and the routes to delivery. In general, broadband is delivered into […]

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Community values on-line

Building any community requires tenacity, and effort, not by one person, not by a leadership team, but from within the community itself. The American Center for Community Change comments on community values thus:- … that we are all connected to each other and interdependent, that the [American] community includes everyone and leaves no one behind, […]

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An Analogue Brain in a digital world

What is Analogue and What is digital Analogue signals vary infinitely (well in theory) and digital signals use discrete states (usually 1 or 0) to transmit information. Increasingly the world is becoming digital, Radio (DAB) TV (DVB) and the internet are all manifestations of the digital world. Yet our minds are analogue, and the interface […]

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