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An open letter to all MP’s and MEP’s – VAT on Digital Products

There are changes afoot in EU VAT Legislation that will affect many small businesses selling digital products (ebooks, services and more) in Europe which are designed to stop abuses by large companies electing where to have their place of supply and shifting the onus on the place of consumption. So far so sensible.

The challenge is that for many of us that places an enormous burden of tracking the right EU state to apply tax rules from, and also the need for us to all understand what the VAT rules are in each state in which we transact business. That seems a big shift away from the principles of the past.

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I Can’t Afford to Invest in My Business

How often have you looked at a course that you’d really like to attend, only to get half way through the online booking process, before you decide that you really can’t justify the cost? Do you even get as far as that, or do you look at the great course and just decide that you can’t afford it from the outset?

Is it really the money that’s putting you off, or it is something else?

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Re-Att-Inter-Pro – How behaviour and mindset are linked…

Reaction is cultural; how we act when something has happened to us, and often the reactions are automatic, cultural, embedded. They don’t so much speak to our mindset but to our culture and upbringing. Things done reactively illuminate mindset the least. Attraction is intentional; it’s created when our intentions are clear, and desired by others, […]

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Racism in Football…

In a week that has seen Terry stripped of the captaincy, Capello resign and Suarez fail to shake Evra’s hand and so create a storm at Old Trafford we must begin to wonder if football is now an ‘institutionally racist’ organisation.

How would you resol…

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Leading through uncertainty.

There’s an interesting debate in this blog about whether leadership should be all about direction and certainty or whether good leaders manage uncertainty.

Here’s a couple of historic examples:
Churchills’ announcement to Parliament at the start of WW…

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The Faith vs Science delusion

Over the years I’ve seen a number of debates that fall around the faith vs. science, fact vs. belief argument and they always boil down to two groups who won’t change their view based on the other parties system.

If you believe in God then the lack of…

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