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Lower oil prices – higher risk…

Low oil prices tend to lead to lower inflation because of the reduced costs of production and transport. Taking that into account the pressure on Economies like Britain’s to raise interest rates to control inflation will fall, and lower inflation may mean that the average voter will start to see living standards improve for the first time in a decade. Yet there are lots of risks, in the UK, in Europe and beyond.

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You gotta sit…

Before I begin to share, I’d like to apologise in advance to anyone who considers this a little crude or lavatorial.  Reader discretion is advised! My wife was a wise lady.  I remember her once saying to me that the best piece of advice a friend and therapist had given her was (spoken in a Brooklyn […]

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Who are you… It’s all about culture

I watched a fascinating program made by the artist, Grayson Perry, who asked the question “Who are you?” It is definitely worth watching, not only for the art but also for the questions he poses and the answers he uncovers. He explores with Ulster loyalists what being British means to them, why some deaf people feel […]

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An open letter to all MP’s and MEP’s – VAT on Digital Products

There are changes afoot in EU VAT Legislation that will affect many small businesses selling digital products (ebooks, services and more) in Europe which are designed to stop abuses by large companies electing where to have their place of supply and shifting the onus on the place of consumption. So far so sensible.

The challenge is that for many of us that places an enormous burden of tracking the right EU state to apply tax rules from, and also the need for us to all understand what the VAT rules are in each state in which we transact business. That seems a big shift away from the principles of the past.

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Being positive isn’t enough

About 25 years ago I was introduced to the whole affirmation, visualisation and positive thinking methods and I spent a lot of time and energy investigating them. In the end I concluded that they didn’t really work, at least, they didn’t work for me. Today I read an article in the Harvard Business Review, by […]

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