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The problem with Tesco’s

Around four weeks ago Tesco’s, one of the UK’s troubled retailers appointed Dave Lewis, ex Head of Unilever UK to run their operation. In his role with Unilever, he sought to simplify the product base and cut costs to halt a similar decline. In his early tenure he picked up the nickname ‘Drastic Dave’ for this approach. So, what has Dave Lewis has actually achieved in the four weeks since he took the top job? After one week he spoke openly about the need for change, On week 3 of his tenure, he uncovered the accounting inflation of results. Tough start – Where next?

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I Can’t Afford to Invest in My Business

How often have you looked at a course that you’d really like to attend, only to get half way through the online booking process, before you decide that you really can’t justify the cost? Do you even get as far as that, or do you look at the great course and just decide that you can’t afford it from the outset?

Is it really the money that’s putting you off, or it is something else?

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Do You Work With Your Competitors or Against Them?

The result of a recent collaboration between One Step Further and Abelard is the Future Retreat, which is being held on 25-27 September 2014 at Guyers House Hotel in Wiltshire. It is your time out to reflect, review and redefine your business. If you’re looking for clarity and direction for the coming year, then this collaborative event is for you. You know that life can be challenging and often a struggle – especially on your own. Your days are busy, your results can be up and down and sometimes seeing your way clear to stop and think – even for a moment – feels tough. The Future Retreat is your chance to take time out, focus on the future of your business, explore new possibilities and have some fun in beautiful surroundings.

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Why business growth matters…

Why keep growing…. All businesses are often faced with a dilemma about business growth, after all if we are already flat out, should we still be pushing for more? Couldn’t we all agree just to find a nice steady state and keep that level of business? Well, er… No, we can’t. Business is a complex […]

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