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Re-Att-Inter-Pro – How behaviour and mindset are linked…

Reaction is cultural; how we act when something has happened to us, and often the reactions are automatic, cultural, embedded. They don’t so much speak to our mindset but to our culture and upbringing. Things done reactively illuminate mindset the least. Attraction is intentional; it’s created when our intentions are clear, and desired by others, […]

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Community values on-line

Building any community requires tenacity, and effort, not by one person, not by a leadership team, but from within the community itself. The American Center for Community Change comments on community values thus:- … that we are all connected to each other and interdependent, that the [American] community includes everyone and leaves no one behind, […]

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Building Community in the Societal Web

Introduction There’s a lot of talk on many social media platforms and throughout the Societal Web on the importance of building community. We thought it would be useful to discuss how it’s created and the key features that make up a strong and vibrant collaborative group. One example of small local communities are those created […]

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Using the Societal Web for Recruitment

Introduction In the context of this article I’m referring to social media as those social sites which enable users to contribute content, create profiles, engage with others, and share knowledge, skills and experience. Examples include social networking sites like LinkedIn, Ecademy, Xing, Facebook, MySpace, and many others; media sharing sites like YouTube, Flickr and Last.FM; […]

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