The systemic problem of UK politics

A multi-party reality, in a diverse society simply cannot be served effectively by a system designed by the privileged in an era of a class based society. When once “first past the post” delivered a representative with a clear (majority of voters) mandate we now often elect representatives who represent ever smaller minorities, even when measured of votes cast, let alone the electorate as a whole.

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The impatience of change

Change is a funny thing, when it doesn’t look possible or feasible we ignore it, we accept sub-optimal. We carry on with the way things are done even if we know they aren’t quite working as we would like. The cost of change, the effort and time involved in even thinking through what needs to be done […]

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How to learn more from your powerful stories.

When we tell our story were actually telling two things. We telling the story of what happened and we’re telling the story of how it happened to us. For listeners, who know us, the result is that their response it Is coloured by the context of their knowledge of us, as a person as well as their knowledge of similar experiences. In my experience this is a far more limiting context and situation than is generally recognised.

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