Abelard Team

Chantal Cooke


Chantal is a journalist, broadcaster, co-founder of Passion for the Planet radio and Managing Director of Panpathic Communications, a full service PR and communications agency. Chantal helps us reach 1000s of potential customers and readers using PR, social media and effective communications.

​Chantal's ability to craft clear and robust communications and reach the right audience makes a significant difference to the reach Abelard has in its market.

With over 30 years sales and business development experience, Gordon is able to present us with complex software solutions in a business context as requirements demand.

Gordon and Abelard endorse and recommend Neetrix​, modular software for small businesses and we work collaboratively to support businesses implementing this platform.  Read more about Neetrix here...

Gordon Petrie

Small Business Software

Chris Bose

Technical Marketing Advisor

Chris Bose is the lead generation specialist advisor at Abelard. His expertise and advice enables us to generate new leads from our internet activities.

Chris has developed a number of specialist tools and techniques for maximising lead generation using the internet that draw in his scientific approach and extensive experience of marketing in a digital era. Those techniques have enabled us to see beyond the 'traditional', and to really understand the mechanics and approach that underlies our internet presence.

Any business owner, consultant, speaker, trainer or expert of any kind who wants to raise their profile, build credibility, increase visibility and win more business needs to publish a book. Sue ensures that our books contain relevant material, are published in the right way and reach the right readers.

Sue provides us with a high quality independent route to publication and also offers guidance when preparing a publishing proposal for traditional publishing houses and agents.

Sue Richardson

Publishing Advisor

Christopher Gleadle

Sustainable Viability

Christopher Gleadle is a Coach, Educator and Advisor in Sustainable Viability

Christopher shows businesses how to capture create and deliver more value and serve customers better using the power of robust sustainable practices with financial analysis, combined with authentic communications to create desired outcomes in line with company primary objectives.

He is well recognised internationally as a compelling business coach, educator, advisor, conference speaker and writer on Sustainability. His work is based on over thirty years commercial and sustainability experience. Additionally he is a material contributor to all the primary international carbon, greenhouse gas, life cycle accounting, sustainability and sustainable development reporting and integration standards.

Bev is passionate about leadership and believes that creating the right environment for people to flourish so that they can confidently be who they really are and do what they love – employed or self employed – is the worthiest cause. Working with Abelard Bev has developed Future Retreat, giving businesses the opportunity to take time out to review reflect and redefine their businesses.

She loves the good things in life, global travel and adventure, and she looks forward to taking Future Retreat to a wider global audience in gorgeous, international locales – oh and yes, if skiing is involved once in a while, all the better.

Bev Hamilton

Leadership Advisor

Richard Grimes

Engineering Consultant

Richard has a long career in manufacturing and production of tools, equine dentistry and other manufacturing and engineering sectors. As part of Capto Enterprise, Abelard provide strategic advice to engineers supported by Richards, engineering operational skill. 

Richard also provides access to manufacturing finance and Quality Management consulting support for our clients.​

Martin is an expert in relationship based business development.

He enables us to build long term relationships and focus on our issues to deliver extraordinary business results which is far better than just concentrating on the business transaction and short term gains.

Martin Davis

Networking Advisor

Dave Clarke

Networking Advisor

The right relationships are fundamental for business growth and support.

Dave’s guidance and advice has enabled Abelard build advocacy and profitable relationships with other like minded business people.

Jonathan has provided our detailed company accounting and financial support and tax advice since 2008. 

Jonathan Evans


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