How Corbyn saved the Liberal Democrats

Today, Jeremy Corbyn became leader of the Labour party, Tom Watson his deputy, congratulations to them. Without question They’ll move the Labour Party to the left, perhaps even to the extreme left. The arguments will polarise and for a while we’ll have some interesting debates around the points of principle difference between the a social justice and a capitalist focus that, as a country, we often swing between.

The result of pulling one party away from the centre ground leaves room for the others to move too, or choose not to.

Our opinion is that with public opinion being torn to a more extreme view frees those further to right of the Conservatives to speak out more often and more forcefully. As the tories move further right and labour further left the middle ground becomes a political vacuum.

Politics, like nature, abhors a vacuum. As that centre opens up those parties whose views are often drowned by the larger parties because they can seem similar enough are freed. Now they can, again, speak out and speak clearly. By voting for Corbyn, Labour may just have saved the Liberal Democrats.

William Buist

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