Why wanting good outcomes may fail; making change stick.

It's not enough to want to do good, or to identify the vision of how the business should be.

Implementation matters, you have to do work, hard graft, to make it happen. It's not enough just to put in effort either. There's two aspects of that effort that must be right for effective change to stick.

The effort has to be directed, so it moves in the right direction - over the long term. That means having enough detail and insight to know the current need and experience to know the steps to take. Sometimes you may have to go backwards too.

The effort has to adaptable so that if it goes wrong or doesn't achieve its goal you can learn, adapt and go again. It means having a willingness to accept failure, to embrace the learning, to detach from ideology and embrace humility.

Implementation needs great clarity, informed strategy, effective methods and agility based on measured effectiveness. To often there's none of those things.

William Buist

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