More failures, fewer mistakes….

I want to make my business stronger so I seek to break it, every day. Anything that isn't doing as well as it should needs to be understood so that I know the cause of failure. Every time I fix a failure the business is stronger.

I make mistakes too, mistakes are when I let failures repeat, when I know that something does harm yet I let it harm again anyway. That's a mistake. I work to minimise the mistakes so that they happen less often. Or not at all.

Failures help because they bring new learning, mistakes (repeating failures) only teach you that you haven't sorted that problem yet, and that you have let resources and money slip away in error.

More failures, fewer mistakes....

William Buist
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William Buist

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  • drnbhashyam

    ‘failures are the pillars of  success’ as the old adages goes…recognizing and avoiding it in future  makes the life  comfortable….

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