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The games people play…

Recently, one of the people who drew attention to themselves by playing a “silly” game called Empire Avenue and buying shares in me, asked for some help on Facebook to find freelancers.. I posted that in some of my other networks, and carried on the conversation with my new acquaintance on both Twitter and Facebook and Empire Avenue. Pretty quickly I recognized that there was a synergy with someone I know well on Ecademy who has a geographic connection in the past and a business connection today. They are now talking and from the sound of the emails and messages I’ve had there’s a real chance of business flowing very quickly. I love this. I target making good introductions every week that lead to business for others, and I worry about how many people miss opportunities when they dismiss things like Empire Avenue because it has elements of a game about it. The game brings people to play, the people can then do business, and sometimes that flows across many networks. Unpredictably Dismissing games as trivial could be costing you business, lots of it. Understanding how they enable people to build strong collaborative bonds is becoming a business skill we all need.

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  • Amanda June 23, 2011, 6:17 pm

    It is quite amazing how we are moving from Web 2.0 to Web 3.0… the new age of gaming relationships… It still does not mean if you ask me for a sheep on facebook that I am not going to bin the request… but certainly Eav has shown the power of interaction with a purpose… 

    I will be the first to hold my hand up to say “I don’t play games” and happy to admit when invited I did even send an email to that effect (which no doubt (e)TEEP still has) but you know what having a go is a good thing… then you can say with authority it is a waste of time… until that point you should never judge something new.Those who think about collaborating as part of their everyday psyche will always do well and a game is just another platform where you will meet people like you… we’re a bit like that as a human race…. and you never know… next time someone invites me to something I may actually take a look before dismissing it.

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