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Sustainably successful business have a well defined business model that is designed to ensure that the business delivers what customers need.

Clear businesses have consistent and growing profits.


Sustainably successful businesses add value, solve problems and meet needs, at a price that customers willingly pay, and that make reasonable profits for the business.

Strategically paced businesses work with calm focus to deliver exceptional results​.


Sustainably successful businesses implement collaboratively as part of their strategy to ensure that the business excels at delivering exactly what their customers need.

Implementation with the right team working together effectively accelerates success.​

Phil Shepherd Thortspace

I have known Abelard for a few years and trust them absolutely. Extraordinarily effective at generating and maintaining enthusiasm and energy throughout a day of maximum concentration they rapidly move a group into a highly focussed team.

If you are looking for a business that can comfortably and authoritatively draw out the very best in a group of people, generate synergy within a team and not merely manage but really deliver projects, then Abelard is the company to do it.

The Exclusive xTEN Club

The xTEN Club programme is the product of more than 10 years of design, testing and improvement. The result is an elite fellowship with a keen focus on the factors that bring business success.The most successful businesses have exceptional teams. They are multidisciplinary and dedicated to forming a strategy that continually raises the bar and sets clear direction. Finding such a team is a challenge.

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